Penis Enlargement Treatment

Penis Enlargement, It’s also creating big problem in male’s life due to that issue some time couples will be having satisfaction and relaxation issue. Because most women would go towards that person who’s having bigger penis. Because they might be considering huge satisfaction and excitement on bed. So now question is if you having small penis then what you should do to make it large to  make your sexual life better and perfect. Due to that small penis might be male peoples feel embarrassment and possible it will make you stress as well.

At the present time couples are more worry about sexual pleasure. Women prefer a man with a good physique and a bit size of a penis.

What is a micro-penis?

Micro-penis features a normal anatomical arrangement; however, it is considerably smaller than the typical adult penis size. Concerning the measures to consider that a penis is small, several medical studies point to a length that would be in a range of 4 centimeters with the flaccid penis and 7 centimeters with the penis in erection.

Problems related to micro-penis

  • Having a micro-penis will cause many issues, including problems urinating and having sexual issues.
  • Fertility can even be affected. Some individuals with micro-penis have a low sperm count which ends up in infertility or reduced fertility.
  • The condition can even have a significant impact on psychologically. Several men with the condition have terribly low self-esteem and a few even suffer from depression.


  • Hormonal issues are the most common cause of micropenis. Less commonly, micropenis and other birth abnormalities can occur when the mother experiences exposure to pesticides or other toxic chemicals during pregnancy.
  • Testosterone deficiencies, during pregnancy, are usually the cause of micropenis and may also cause other genital abnormalities.
  • A testosterone deficiency can arise when a male fetus does not produce enough testosterone, or when the mother does not produce enough human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone during pregnancy. hCG stimulates testosterone development in the fetus.
  • When testosterone levels are normal, some medical conditions can stop a person’s body from responding to testosterone correctly. This response is called androgen insensitivity.
  • When any of these hormonal issues arise, the penis of a male fetus may not develop in the usual way.
  • A male baby will experience a surge of testosterone around 0–3 months after birth. This is a crucial period for penile growth. If this process is interrupted by hormonal problems, a baby may have a smaller penis.
  • In rare cases, micropenis is idiopathic, which means that a doctor cannot find a specific cause.
  • Because hormone issues typically cause micropenis, people with this condition may have other symptoms, too.